Our Destiny with Projects

We believe on Customer Centric concept and practice and believe transforming business into a customer-Centric enterprise is essential to driving revenue and profit. Therefore, our vision is to obtain

    1.  Leading Position in:  Customer Centric  Practice

2.       2.  Businesses Excellence


1.    Customer Centric  Practice

Practicing Customer-Centric  is a not a Paradigm Shift in Customer Relationship Management. When you take care of bottom line and profit and revenue to keep share holders happy and

survive, then you are looking from inside-company to outside, so you will be looking for sophisticated ways to select, acquire, develop, and retain customers.

Everybody believes that business have had to shift drastically from the old ways of market penetration to this new wave of customer-centric  mentality in order to remain competitive.


What is Customer Centric  concept and How we practice it?


The key is Outside-in Thinking and approach. Then:

We do not ask any longer:

We ask:

Who are the profitable Customers?

Who can benefit from us?

How do we attract them?

How can we let customers lead us?

How do we deliver what the customer wants, how they want it, and when they want it

How can I understand customer process and match myself in advance?

How do we build and sustain customer loyalty?

How can we prove our loyalty to customers?

So, We are really working on our corporate culture and processes to: 

Ensure that everyone adopts an external focus and Outside-in thinking.

Give employees the authority and tools to decide the right way to treat customers.

Let customers determine how we organize.

Let customers interact with us just the way they want.

Give customers what they will want instead of what they want.

Look for customers trust far beyond satisfaction.

Have customers say you should raise your prices.


Successful organizations that have become customer-centric  in this new global marketplace will develop long term, high value relationships based on trust with their customers. Current business processes will need to be made easy and aligned with other processes in the organization for better customer value. Their process enables the customer choice across each access point, and

collects customer intelligence at each point of contact.


We understand the dynamic behavior of our customers and the ways by which these customers evaluate and weight our loyalty. We know that power is with the individual, and that it is extremely

important to enforce corporate culture for loyalty to customers.


2. Business Excellence

To stay as a real customer Centric  practicing enterprise, we look in two main criteria:

Excellence in Customer Value

Again the key for us is Outside-in Thinking and approach. New concept is how and what is our value for our customers and how can we enhance our value for customers by more and more close contribution in their business and process. How life cycle cost of our contribution can be decrease to our customers and how we shall increase customers profit through our contribution.

You will not ask any longer:

We ask:

What my customers are worth and add value to my company?

What we worth to our customer and add value to their business?

How much business the customer is expected to do with us during the lifetime of relationship?

How much business shall we create to our customers in life time?

How companies win by attracting and keeping their most valuable customers?

How customers win by attracting and keeping us as most valuable/reliable supplier?

How we can quantify the value of customer?

How customers quantify our value for their business?


Business Process Excellence

Our Inside-out perspective of business process excellence is continuously monitored and measured by Availability, Performance and Quality as following to ensure a consistent excellence delivery and get minimum loss of time and quality and ensure maximum performance of organization and our deliveries.


To improve our OED% we are driving Organizational Excellence and build energy, momentum and passion in our people for enhancing our corporate culture for excellence by being:

1.       Customer- focused

2.       Values-based

3.       Leadership-driven

4.       Performance-oriented

In practice, it means we have been merged with our customer to execute a certain task and create a known value. So, by all means and ways we are responsible to work together seamlessly to

deliver benefits for our customers. The longer customers remain customers the more integrated they become and they are real share holders and owners of company. 

As long as they trust, they keep their share (business) with you and they never leave because of less return.  They are also main provider of your profit, so,


                  We aim to integrate with customersť


This is why our Customer Centric Concept is completely different from what you read and find in books, manuals .....  etc,