ü   Project Funding

Financing a project against project cash flow is possible when the participator has an enthusiasm to the subject of a project or can trust the future earnings financial picture of a project.

A project promoter needs to barrow through CCG or an investor who likes to involve to an existing covered project by CCG.    

Capital Corp Merchant Banking

The classic Merchant Bank has long been defined as a "European Financial Institution" that engages in Investment Banking, Counseling, Advising and in Mergers and Acquisitions.

The classic Merchant Bank has long been defined as a "European Financial Institution Capital Corp Merchant Banking


Merchant Banking is the process of acting as PRINCIPAL and/or Agent in Project Financing, Mergers or Acquisitions, and/or Advising Clients in the "Structuring" of the funding needed for their Project, and/or assisting them in their Negotiations for the realization of a Project. In the 1980's Merchant Banking became identified for the most part with leverage-buy-out transactions and related Junk Bond Financing, and some major Investment Banks and Leverage-Buy-Out Firms dominated the activity of the Mega Transactions (generally in excess of USD $500 million).


Our Team and Experts

A focused and experienced team that can assist sponsors, contractors and financial institutions to develop feasible projects and make it bankabe. We provide ongoing support to ensure successful raising of funds, closure and execution of the project.

Project Finance

  • Highly experienced project finance team with expertise of closing projects throughout the world.
  • The team has extensive energy industry  links 
  • Strong Relationships with development and government agencies
  • Detailed knowledge and understanding of financial markets and lenders appetite

Successful Team

  • The team has vast experience of project finance with team members emanating from development institutions, international auditing firms and investment banks.
  • The team has strong networks within International financial markets, Developmental finance Institutions, venture capital, private equity and grant funding communities.
  • The team has strong relations with technical partners and has access to an international network of project financers


 Group members  offer Solutions  

  • Holistic project finance solutions for group members to achieve appropriately funded and successful projects.
  • Appropriate solutions that are designed to meet or exceed the investors investment criteria.
  • Analyze, review and mitigate the multitude of risks associated with Project Finance.
  • Ensure robust cash flows and well structured projects.



 New focus on projects .

  • Many project promoters and companies in these established markets are forced to explore higher risk opportunities to defend and grow profits.
  • Project finance also known as limited recourse finance relies on the cash flows from the underlying project to service funding needs, which is ideal for African or emerging market opportunities